Questions that keep you up at night:

  • Do I have adequate coverage?
  • How do I know if it’s the right kind?
  • What does all that ‘fine print’ really say?

Is minimum liability coverage enough?

Minimum liability is just that. The minimum required by law. You need to have it once you get the right to drive an automobile. But it’s not always enough. That’s why it’s called the minimum.

If you get into an accident, your minimum liability covers damages and injuries to the other cars and people who were involved – But only up to the limit of your coverage. If the damage exceeds the coverage of your policy, guess where the rest is going to come from?

That’s right.

It’s coming from your wallet. You will be liable.

Getting more liability can help you avert financial disaster.

No one ever plans to get into an accident. So its best to plan ahead in case it happens to you.

Wouldn’t you rather see it come out of the insurance company’s wallet?

When should I increase my deductible?

You can increase at the time of renewal. But it’s best to increase it before the policy kicks in.

For example, if you want to increase your deductible (the amount out of pocket you pay before the insurance company pays), say, from $500 to $1000, then your premium goes lower.

It’s advisable to have that much set aside in savings before you decide to raise it though.

What’s an umbrella policy?

It’s a supplement to your liability insurance. A little bit extra that’s not completely covered otherwise.

Nothing could be worse than being at fault in a horrible accident. But then to get sued to make up the shortfall could be more than you can deal with. Everything you own might be taken from you if you don’t have an umbrella policy. It gives an extra layer of protection, so you can keep what you’ve worked so hard to get.

It will give you the peace of mind and emotional security when you need it most.

I want to buy a new car. How much will my insurance change?

My friend told me I could get a lower premium if I bought a yellow car. Is that true?

No. You can tell your friend they are wrong. This is the actual truth. We look at the year, make and model. Other things like engine size, body type and, of course, your driving record. So go and get your favorite color and then let’s get you and your car protected.

Actual Value of Your Belongings?  

How much would it cost to replace everything you own? Tally that number, then put the protection in place you will need to replace them.

What Kind of Vehicle Are You Driving?  

The car you drive, year make and model factors into your decision. Do you want to replace your vehicle with all the bells and whistles if it were totaled? If you are leasing your car, comprehensive and collision cover is mandatory once you drive it off the lot. But if you’re driving an older car, you could save money by reducing one or more of these protections.

How Often Do You Drive?  

Are you a weekend driver or do you commute to work every day? The more you are on the road, the higher your chances of getting into a collision. At any given time, there are uninsured and underinsured motorists out there.

Who Is In Your Car?  

Are you driving other folks like co-workers in a carpool or the neighbor’s kids to activities and soccer games? Being certain you have the proper liability coverage in place is essential for your peace of mind – and everyone you care about.




Ideas For Better Savings

Drive defensively

Drive less often

Pick a car that’s not as expensive to insure

Pay your policy in full

Pick a higher deductible

Shop around for the best policy

Auto insurance is complex and difficult to understand. The advantage you have is, there are plenty of options to fit you and your situation. Let us here at Free Range Insurance shop for you so you can save AND have the best possible coverage.

We simplify your choices. You get to choose the coverage you want. At a price you can afford.