Insurance people love to make things sound confusing. Not us. Here are some complex terms explained in simple terms.

Property and Casualty Insurance

This means protection against damage to your home and all the property associated with it. You get protection from unexpected catastrophes like weather events, or a fire or criminal activities (subject to limitations). You get coverage on your home or any separate structures like a shed or a detached garage. In case of loss, Replacement Cost Value (RCV) will make things right again.

Anything else besides the building and property?

Yes. Your possessions are covered. They’re covered if they are inside your dwelling. They’re even covered anywhere in the world the damage takes place. Coverage is comprehensive. RCV will replace or repair the item without depreciation deducted. You’ll get another one in a loss.


You are legally liable for someone who suffers bodily injury. It doesn’t matter if it was a negligent act by you or a family member. On or off property, you are protected against an accident that results in property damage.

Medical payouts

Covers someone (other than a resident of your household) who is injured at your property no matter who is at fault.  Medical payments are covered within the limits of the policy. We will make sure you have enough coverage ahead of time.

Additional lodging costs

Where are you going to live when your home is not safe? Depending on the policy type, living expenses (up to 24 months) are paid out while you can’t live there. So if your property is getting fixed and you’ve got to go get another place to live in the meantime,  we’ve got you covered.

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Questions that keep you up at night:

  • Do I have adequate coverage?
  • How do I know if it’s the right kind?
  • What does all that ‘fine print’ really say?

Do you think I need Flood Insurance?

Basic homeowners insurance does not cover flood. Since when it rains, it floods, mortgage lenders typically homes built in a flood zone to have flood insurance. Give us a call for more information on this.

Does my home policy cover damage from an earthquake?

No. Earthquake coverage would be purchased separately.

I’ve only heard of an umbrella policy. What is it?

It’s supplemental insurance. It provides an extra layer of coverage to go with what you already have with your home and auto policy. Think of it as financial catastrophe, peace of mind when the unforeseen should happen. You can concentrate on the important things knowing we’ve got you covered.

Should I be taking an inventory and photos of my possessions?

Its always good to have a list of what you own in case it needs to be replaced. We all have a ton of stuff. We provide an easy to use spreadsheet for you to itemize everything for you before disaster strikes.

Should I increase my coverage?

Whenever you make a considerable change to your home, your property or your possessions — You should definitely contact me so we can take a look at the advantages a policy change might make. An example of a considerable change would be an addition to your home, making a major purchase or starting a business. If you’re looking at something like that, give me a call for a review.


Your insurance options can be difficult to understand. We offer a free service that simplifies your options. You can decide how much coverage you want. Let’s have that conversation. [CTA]