About Me

Hi, I'm Dan C Gillogly

My Writing Experience

I’ve been a writer for as long as I can remember. As the middle child of a large-ish family, I was always coming up with back yard plays and silly new lyrics to pop tunes.

I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living as a writer for many, many years now.

I’m a singing piano player. I’ve written for radio, TV and commercials. I’ve written scripts and songs and still more plays and I love every minute of it.

But, songwriting doesn’t pay what it used to. I still perform regularly as an entertainer. In 2010 I got very sick and couldn’t perform at all. I needed to get back to writing. Since I was raising our kids in Chicago, and not plugged into the LA scene anymore, I started copywriting for businesses.


What This Means for You

Because of my experience, I have the capacity to write about your business in a way that will attract, excite and energize your prospective customers into taking action.

I can explain what you do clearly, concisely and persuasively.  

I still love connecting with an audience on stage. I’ve been in the entertainment world for over 30 years.

Allow me to connect you with brand new, lifelong customers. The kind of customers and clients who are the life force of your business.

copywriter and content creator

Call me if you would rather

  • Close a customer than find a customer.
  • Focus on maintaining valued clients than try to create new leads by writing attention grabbing and informative copy.
  • Concentrate on running your business than creating your business.