I Write Compelling Content that Creates Clients 
for Business Owners Who Can’t Write 

Do you struggle with …

Finding time in your busy day to create fresh content?

Finding the time to consistently come up with new and insightful blog posts?

Wondering how to find a qualified writer can explain what you do?

That’s where I can help.

My name is Dan C Gillogly, and I Create Compelling & Engaging Content & Marketing for business owners who want more leads, appointments, and sales.

I know you’ve worked hard, long hours to build your businesses. 

Over 90% of companies who should be using professional copywriters to create content to grow their businesses … aren’t.
If you’re like most of them (and I’m pretty sure you are) It’s not because you don’t want to… It’s not because you don’t need to …

It’s probably because you can’t. You simply don’t have the time .. or the knowledge to do

I do. I am an experienced copywriter. I know how to use my writing ability to help you grow your market segment.

I have a knack for communicating the value of your products.
Your services.


Let me allow you to:

  • Identify people who want to work with you,
  • Attract the people you want to work with and
  • Free up your hours so you can do what you do best …

    Use your business to help people who need and want you.  

I know you know your business. You know the Ins and Outs better than anyone.

But do you get stuck when you go to write it down? Of course, you do. It’s not easy. If it was, you’d be doing it already.

Writing copy is what I do.

I explain what you do, in simple terms, to those who are curious, I will create the content that compels your target market to contact you for more.

Let me use my expertise to connect with your target market to build your business.

Learn more about how I’m going to help you. Contact me to discuss your next project… Learn More Here

Want Still More … ?

Check out my Bio and Services pages for additional information about me and the types of work I do.